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[FANACCT] 111204 TVXQ Singapore Fanparty
Yeah, first time attempting to write a fanaccount XD
Gonna skip the waiting bits and jump straight when I was in the stadium already.

Theparty was opened with BUG MV the long version, the 16 minute one
Unfortunately, they lip-synched the sing OTL my most favourite song!! T^T
Oh well.
Both of them dressed in whites. YH with his chest opened (unfortunately, le
moobs were not seen OTL). But it was still alluring, like usual XD
CM he wore tie and had this wide awesome belt, all in white and both
were sleeveless. Just imagine all those arms, Anna *A*
When the
performance ended they went straight back to the backstage and the MC
took over to warmed the audience up. Nice attempt, IMO.
And then the boys were welcomed and got to the stage and introduced themselves (led by our cutie YH) in ENGLISH!! XDDD
“Hello, we are Dong Bang Shin Ki”, he said that alone and thought maybe Min was
gonna follow him, but nooooeess XDD and then YH bowed first, followed
by confused Min XDD shah their expressions were priceless~ and then the
MC was talking some more and led to the first session of getting to know
The first question was “What is Singapore’s national
flower, is orchid? yes or no” asked the MC, YH and CM were confused
(they were seating already), but the fans were hinting at them, making
an OK sign and thumbing up XDD
CM answered, “right” and then the
stadium broke into cheers, he was laughing his trademark laugh! then he
said, he only said it was right just because the fans said so (by
hinting at him XD), which led all of us into screaming fit XD Min, he’s
awesome like that. While YH, he looked a bit wistful in the beginning,
looking faraway everywhere and smiling a bit. CM was very active tonight
and threw generous smile here and there.
The second question was
“Is it true or not that Singapore has 4 official languages”, at this
point the boys looked  confused (again), and then YH said it was right,
he explained that Singapore has English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil as its
languages. Adorable appa!Ho! XDD
The 3rd question was about
language, whether they already picked up some Singlish, and then
Changmin said “No problem lah~” XD his eyes were big and expecting XD so
Then YH said something about “shiok” which equals to “jjang”
XD and the last language bits was “alamak” which roughly translates as
“Oh my God” even maybe “Aigoo”.
The 4th question was about their
favourite Spore food, and YH instantly threw the question to Min XD a la
YH, with both of his hands and let CM answered it XD Min answered it
was chilli crab
and pepper crab. I kinda forgot the last question
sorry. And then they performed How Can I. They ascended from under the
stage, first Min and then YH when it was his turn. Their voices were
okay, not the greatest. Oh well, their forte are in upbeat songs, IMO.
next session was Q&A from fans, there were 5 questions, but the
most memorable one was “what are the ups and downs working with each
other?” YH answered this, and he said he was under lots of pressure
being the leader of DBSK, but with Min’c existence beside him, he felt
empowered and assured. CM’s existence was very precious, that’s what YH
said. So nice, Yunho ;___;
OH! and the beginning, they said that they felt like a twin right now, working together and all that :D
the middle of this session, CM was answering a fan’s question and then
YH randomly, suddenly, POUTED HIS DELICIOUS LIPS!! For about 3 seconds!
All of us were going crazy and CM had no idea XD YH acted as if nothing
was wrong and all and acted cool, his expression was just like, “Hey,
look, imma pout my lips and you’re gonna swoon over me, but I ain’t
gonna fazed because I am cool like that,” XDDD Also, when this fan was
asking them in English, CM was nodding his head, as if understand
everything she said XD (I am sure though that he DID understand, because
he’s Voldemin XD)
The 3rd session was the showing of fan-made
videos. There were two. But before the showing, they were asked to sign
two of their posters, and then  will give it to the fans who made the
fantods. The first one was touching, the compilation of their photos, of
how this creator was gonna meet the boys again after their concert as 5
in Malaysia in 2006. Very touching and lots of girls around me sniffing
and tearing, included myself T^T The boys also watching the screen, so
their backs were facing us. The second video was about CM. It was an
illustration, drawing style. The girl in the vids was cute. Almost
similar like Butter’s video that was played during CM’s bday party this
year. There was a calendar with November 15th 2008 marked with MKMF
award. Then Min’s crying face in drawing, all of us were cooing and then
Min was shaking his head XD this guy! Overall, it was a very good video
:) I am sure that YH was feeling a bit left out because no special
video dedicated to him OTL poor cutie!Yun! ;____; with his personality I
am sure he was having pity party by himself XD and then he is going to
demand everyone’s attention once they are in backstage because he’s
spoiled like that! XD
Changmin was very playful, Yh too, though not
as playful as Min. YH was being his normal leader-sshii self with a dash
of cuteness here and there. He even said “what?” randomly XD
medley and Rising Sun performances were OSM *A* even though they
lip-synched again OTL BUT the fanchants were extraordinary and majestic
*A*all of us singing together with them, so loud~ I am so proud :D
BUG’s performance was unfortunately normal almost so-so. As usual, when
it’s dance break the fans were crazy, because of the crotch-grabbing
move XD all of us are perverts~ XD
However, the KYHD’s performance
were perfect. They executed it powerfully. Well, I reckon it’s their
number one hit single. IMO, they are quite consistent with their KYHD’s
performances this far :D I actually hot myself a binocular, but it
didn’t serve any purpose OTL I got perfect view of them. Right in the
middle even though not in the front row (in fact, in the middle of the
area) but it was still awesome because I could see them clearly :) The
stage definitely much more intimate than the one in Sydney yesterday.
awesome. It was often showed in the big screens, and I guess the
cameramen did not know what it means (because it was in hangeul~). But, I
guess, maybe YH felt a bit uncomfortable. Just a bit. BECAUSE THERE
WERE SO MANY. And then he just kept smiling while his eyes swept over
the audience, his eyes like hawk’s eyes XD
Yunho’s answer tonight
were so normal, typical his diplomatic response. YH ARE AWESOME. HE
Also there’ this moment when YH answered a
question about CM while they were seating, YH crossed his legs in his
beautiful ways and then look a bit thoughtful to answer the question
honestly XDD YH was also flexing his beautiful fingers clad with white
gloves *A* I bet Jae was dying to see it XDDD
I also stand beside
these bunch of Malaysian YJ shippers XD They kept screaming Jae’s name
and YJ. Oh well. XD. No need to spoil the party, so everyone just let
them be. Shippers’ presence were overwhelming for sure. It was a
wonderful experience. CM looked extra handsome tonight i cannot even
comprehend *A* Even YH was losing to him in some moments, unbelievable.
Singapore does LOVE CM a lot.
However, YH’s charisma is overflowing
when the song starts to play. YH is destined to be onstage and perform.
And I pray to God nothing can take that away from him, our cute baby
I am so sorry, because I think I cannot remember the whole thing. The show was blowing my mind’s away. They are THAT awesome. :)

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i was there tooo!!!!! Both boys are gorgeous but i agree, Changmin was more playful!!1 and his no problem.pause.lah was sooo cute!!! and yunho, my husband yunho shines a lot when he performs!!!! And he looks sooo hot when he crosses his legs...oh god, so sexy!

lolol they were awesome *A* most definitely~ :) CM looked so happy, whereas YH, dunno, a bit withdrawn or sth OTL they performed beautifully though~ especially KYHD~

You're right. Yunho looked kinda melancholic or sad...or maybe its just me.. YES, KYHD was awesome. But i love it when they performed the old songs medley too. Even though it makes me a bit sad.

aah yes, i believe YH was a bit sad at that time T^T KYHD is forever awesome~ :D I hope they will improve more and more~ :)

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